Hosting services are one of the most popular today, and Peru is a country that has these services for its customers. The hosting will always depend on the loading speed, so it is one of the most important aspects to consider, as well as the destination that the website will have.

Among the best hosting services in Peru for this year are:

1. HN Hosting

This Peruvian company is in charge of offering hosting services, among its main services are:

  • Email settings
  • Domains and subdomains
  • Requested redirects and domains.

All the services offered by HN Hosting are aimed at the most demanding clients in terms of web hosting, providing them with a high-speed, high-storage hosting server.

To complete the registration with this Peruvian company, the user will only be able to access from its official web portal and fill in the boxes with personal and payment information, to start the enjoyment of the Peruvian hosting services.

2. TecnoWeb

This Peruvian company is one of the most consolidated in the telecommunications area. It has several years of service and has been chosen by many important companies to be the server of their websites, capable of providing the best hosting services around all of Peru.

They offer services for websites, as well as for applications and emails, since all these services work for common use. They have 24-hour security on their servers, which provides much more confidence to those customers who are not completely convinced.

3. Hosting Plus

Its hosting services are of excellent quality, always attentive to the needs of customers. It has more than 8 years offering its services throughout Peru, and its catalog stands out in web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

4. I would mark

This website offers services for the purchase of domains around the world, and Peru is included in the list of countries to register a domain, among which they can be purchased, are:


All the domains that Marcaria offers are represented by the same price, which is less than 55 dollars each, which makes it one of the cheapest pages of all.

5. Hosting – Peruvian

The hosting and domain plans offered by this website are varied, and each one specifies unique content. Being one of the most complete platforms for the purchase of domains in all of Peru.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Immediate activation of hosting
  • Free hosting migration and support
  • Support for applications that use the PHP language
  • Control panel for better server control.

The prices that Peruvian hosting handles are the most accessible of all, they will guarantee the client, effectiveness in servers, as well as security and a job that will keep the website as stable as possible on the internet.



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