If you have already decided to be a casual user or entrepreneur on AliExpress, the first thing you should do is register on the platform. Whether you are looking to buy an item or start selling one, you must create an account for it. However, registering as a buyer or seller involves different procedures.

Next, I will show you how to create an account in AliExpress and start shopping in this online store from Peru. Are you from another country? Do not worry, in the same way this guide can be useful to you. However, when you register and start shopping, be sure to enter the data pertaining to your location.

Login to AliExpress

Use your preferred browser and enter the AliExpress platform. Once inside you will find yourself in the AliExpress online store, where you will see the offers and the highlighted categories.

By the design of its platform you can already get an idea of ​​how simple it will be to register and start buying.

Complete the registration form

To register, place the mouse cursor where it says ” My Account “, located in the upper right corner. A small sale will be displayed where there will be two main options ” Register ” or “Identify yourself”, we are interested in the first one. A window will appear within the same website requesting an email and password to proceed with the registration. Finally, click on ” Create Account ” to finish the registration.

Remember that by completing the form you automatically accept the terms, conditions and privacy policy of AliExpress.

Check the confirmation email

Once the registration is completed, AliExpress will automatically send you a confirmation email to your email. The email has the name of AliExpress.com and inside they will tell you that you only need one step to start buying. Click on ” Confirm my email address ” and immediately afterwards a window will pop up indicating that your account was confirmed successfully.

Access AliExpress with a social network

Register as a user and log in? It is not necessary, it is enough to access the platform with a social network. To do this, go to My account> Register (or login) and when the sale arises, locate the “Quick access with” section. Instead of entering registration or login details, select one of the options displayed.

Clicking on one of the social media icons will open a new tab. This will show a form that asks to log in with the respective account previously selected. After entering the data, wait a few seconds while the access with the account is confirmed. At the end, you will be redirected to the AliExpress platform with the session already started.

Login problems with the account email (social network) with which it was accessed?

When accessing using an alternative account (social network), the email that uses this account will be automatically registered in AliExpress. Therefore, said email cannot be used to register a new independent account of the social network.

If you are looking to log in using that email, you will have to reset the password, as one was not specified when accessing. Likewise, the password of said email is not the same as that of the account used to access (social network). That said, how to fix it? Reset the password.

When accessing with an alternative account, a verification email will be received in said email. After verifying it, to reset the password you will receive a confirmation code in the same email. Make sure to choose a password that contains the required characters to avoid future problems.



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