Being a platform aimed at companies, is it possible to buy products per unit? Yes. Although it is a business-to-business portal, individual buyers can also purchase products on the platform. That said, to start shopping you must start by registering first.

Go to

Using your trusted web browser, access the Alibaba Spanish-speaking website . Inside you will find the same platform, but adapted to the Spanish language.

Once inside the portal, you will find the sections of personalized products and those ready to send. And further down are the product recommendations.

Complete the registration form

To access the registration form, place your mouse cursor or click on ” Join for free “. The access is located just to the right side of the search tool with the icon of a person.

In the form, they will request information of various kinds and to register you must provide the following information:

  • Country / Region: Select Peru or the country you belong to.
  • Select if you are a supplier, buyer or both. If you are only looking to buy, select this option and if you are not sure select “Both”.
  • Name and surname.
  • Company Name.
  • Phone.
  • E-mail
  • Password

To finish the registration, enter the captcha code and click ” Send “. Make sure you enter information that is true and oriented to the type of service you are thinking of using. Well, if in addition to buying you want to sell, you must specify it at the time of registration.

Please note that by clicking “Join for Free” and accessing the registration form you agree to Alibaba’s free membership agreement and receive advertising.

Confirm your email address

After submitting the registration details, you will be redirected to the Alibaba home page with the session already logged in. However, before you start shopping you must confirm that the email you registered with belongs to you.

When you send your registration data, Alibaba will send you an email with the verification access. Specifically, you will receive two emails, one for confirmation and one for presentation. Open the first email under the name “[email protected]” and click on “Confirm Email Address”. Immediately afterwards a congratulatory tab will open and you will see two product search options.



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