You allowed me to talk for a while last month on the value of marketing, planning, creating a thought process, and fostering communication in order to persuade the “X-Game Generation” to go to the casino. I made the decision to focus on this subject this month to determine what kind of slot game will entice users and keep them playing.

As I prepare for yet another trip to the Global Gaming Conference, I find myself asking, “Which Direct web slots no agent no limit (เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ํา) is developing games to attract and keep the younger gaming demographics? (If I had a thought right now, it would die of loneliness).

Aware that downloadable games are taking the market by storm and may even be here soon. Which exactly means—that the same type of games are simply being played on a unique and sophisticated platform? I have to be honest because as I move across the casino floor, I see banks of games designed to give out free spins, awkward, though complicated, “bonus wheels,” striking the same inferior awards, and immovable screens showing the same recycled clip art bonus rounds. Not exactly the excitement that would have an X-Gamer gasping for breath.

Allow me to express my views

The newest games should have additional rounds when “decisions” are made (as opposed to being picked), and they should record your prior “decisions” as you play. “Should I go left or right, up or down?” The game asks you to go back to that additional spot (“Last time you went left”). In the bonus rounds, you ought to have the option of creating your own player or character and placing them wherever you like. An interactive bonus game with a prize should be included. While playing against the game, another player on the same bank, or someone else in a different location, such as a wide-area or interstate network, one must use skill (being quicker, recognizing the appropriate order), not luck.

The ability to hunt for cheat codes for the newest games should be available to gamers. Keep in mind that utilizing this cheat code counts as “winning” the game just as much as uncovering “Easter Eggs” along the way. Advertisements, naturally. Other companies are paying a lot of money to hide their brands and products from cheats deep into the PS2 game’s source code. Of course, your website, where adverts may be purchased, is the only location to find these cheat codes. What? At last, a means to boost website traffic and acquire genuine “opt-ins” for e-marketing without having to part with a set of steak knives!

For future play, the new games must have the capability to remember the player’s level. These games require the player to have a memory card, a stored level card, or what we old fuddy duddies call a player of Slot777 (สล็อต777), with password encryption, so they can return and not feel like they lost their “place” in the game. I’m talking about the bonus round, so GLI and gaming regulators can now unwind. If you are on level four of bonus round three, you will immediately be back there fighting that onslaught of crazy penguins when the bonus round next appears. Consider that if a player visits your casino again, they will spend more time using the device as they progress through the game’s “legs” even though they still need to play the game to “get back to the bonus round.”

These games ought to put an emphasis on engaging content, lifelike graphics, and potent soundtrack. The coding that states “$20 = 6 spins and a near-hit” should be removed. For more than three minutes, $20 is spent on the smartphone. In the local arcade, “time and levels” are the prizes you can obtain.

Make these games available with the option to open up another screen for texting, to the game, the sound on another game won’t ever need to be switched off. Accepting the fact that today’s youth multitask far more frequently than we do or ever want to is necessary.



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